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I established JJH Consulting in 2006.   

My goals when I started the firm are the same today:

  • To help guide and support our clients' systems projects and operational efforts through leadership, assurance, readiness, and optimization services;

  • To develop and live by a set of core values;

  • To become a trusted advisor;

  • To provide thought leadership in the industry;

  • To take a very structured and methodical approach to our work;

  • To work with our clients and partners in a collaborative nature;

  • To be transparent in all our interactions; and

  • To make a difference.

I am honored that we have had the opportunity to work with many great organizations, including the University of British Columbia, Huntington Library, Arizona State University, Syracuse University, Clemson University, University of Southern California, Cleveland Metro School District, University of Rochester, Carnegie Mellon University, Washington State University and The Ohio State University.
I am pleased that we were named a Workday Advisory Partner in 2018.  Workday is a fantastic organization and to be a partner is special.
In summary, every day my goal is to live and breathe our core values of Commitment, Integrity, Collaboration and Results.

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