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Effective IT Spend Analysis:

How to Find the Hidden Costs of Technology Across the Organization

Most organizations believe they know how much money they spend on technology. They simply need to ask the CIO. In most cases, the CIO knows the total dollars for his or her department and in some cases, knows the breakdown within the department; however, do they know the cost of technology across the organization? The hidden costs, the potentially overlapping costs? In most cases, the answer is no. 

Let's explore how you develop an understanding of the true cost of IT.

IV&V Reviews, EQA Reviews, Technical System Assurance Reviews, Implementation Partner Reviews...OH MY! What is the Difference?

When organizations go through a complex systems implementation project, they are at times, overwhelmed with “Reviews”. What are all these reviews and are they necessary?


Let’s explore this and shed some light on what is necessary and what is not.

How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Assess the Cloud for Your ERP?


According to industry experts, on-premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems will be replaced with cloud-based ERP systems over the next ten years.

If organizational leadership can answer yes to these questions, it is the right time for them to assess the cloud. 

Optimization is a 4-Letter Word When Implementing an ERP


In some cases, the business functions of an organization are aligned and structured to allow for systems to be deployed and optimized in a natural manner.  There are few complexities that have to be accounted for.  This is nirvana.  We all know that in most cases, organizations are complex, siloed and decentralized and do not follow a simple model.  How do you optimize systems and create efficiencies for scale in such environments?

Let’s explore.

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